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Shop information:

Prints are carefully packaged at the printers to ensure they arrive with you in excellent condition. Shipping within Germany is included. For shipping fees to any other country in the world contact me using the contact form. All orders should arrive within 7 working days, but may take up to 2 weeks if I happen to be away. Contact me if you have a deadline to meet!

Quality Guarantee & Returns
I guarantee the quality of my printed work. If you are unhappy in any way with your print then I have a 30 day return policy; you will receive a full refund. But please make sure to check the product after receiving immediately for any damage. Otherwise i can not offer any refund.

You can pay using bank transfer in which case I will send you my bank details via email.

Framing and other options
Many special options and sizes are possible on request. All options are listed below. Please allow at least 3 working days for answering regarding availability, price, delivery time and payment options.

Large Format prints up to 30square meters, produced as light box or illuminated advertising are available on request. These options are produced together with my business associate here.


  • regular print on high quality semi gloss paper. 260g/m2. Size up to 300cm is possible, dependent on the image and its aspect ratio.
  • Canvas print, different frame size and shape. As well size up to 300cm is possible, dependent on the image and its aspect ratio.
  • Fine art board, my favorite option. High quality print on semi gloss paper fixed on either forex (rigid foam) or alu dibond (aluminum). Both options sealed with semi gloss or glossy protective lacquer. The mounting is already attached on the back of the board. These options are as well possible with gloss plexiglas cover.
  • Framed print, 14 different frame colors, 5 different choices of paper, many color options and sizes for the photo mount.
  • Fine art wallpaper, 5 different textures, size up to 980cm! possible.
  • Other options are poster calendars, Stickers, greeting cards and much more

If you have any questions please get in touch and I will be happy to help. You can email me via the contact form

Price list:

If you select any images which are not in 2:3 standard aspect ratio like square, 4:3 or panoramic size, the longer side is always the governing one. For example, if you order a square image in size 20cm x 30cm, it will be printed 30cm x 30cm.